The Wasp Lamp (2015) is a direct reference to radical designs of the early 1970s. Made from acetate, a material known for its strong yet flexible qualities in the production of sunglasses, the luminous object exists in a space between industrial materiality and precious playfulness. A new type of home accessory.


AD Germany - Stilneuheiten 2016

Wasp Lamp Paravent, 2016

“Handle it” prototype for DOMUS magazine, Maria Grazia Mazzocchi , 2013

Parapluie Floor Lamp, 2014

Parapluie Table

Salone del Mobile, Milano 2012

In flight, yet fully grounded. The Parapluie table enriches any interior with its doting detail. The design challenges context expectation, and is a sublime release of the trick. The impression of the fragile handle, as though it could break every second, evokes the transience of objects we know and love – objects that make the modern world possible. Playing with these impressions, the table is simple but brims with character. Fulfilling a basic role within the domestic space, the Parapluie is an homage to the absurdity of the everyday. Designed by Oskar Kohnen & Fabian Freytag, 2011

Elle Decor Italia, editorial feature, 2013

X chair & Rakso Naibaf Furniture

The x chair was part of the furniture collection that Oskar Kohnen and Fabian Freytag created for their independent label Rakso Naibaf. Rakso Naibaf launched in summer 2011 in Berlin.

Salon Magazine, 2011

Triangle Table

The Triangle Table is a non-hierarchical dining table. The dissymmetric shapes allows for multiple configurations, settings and a non-linear dining experience.  Designed by Oskar Kohnen & Fabian Freytag, 2011

X Chair Aluminium

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