A selection of built work

“Blue has no Dimension, it is beyond Dimension”

Yves Klein

Lunettes Kollektion

To celebrate 10 years of Lunettes Kollektion's unique vision, OKS transformed their Torstrasse Showroom into a Wunderkammer – a cabinet of wonders and curiosities. Working from a palette of majorelle blue and cool shades of classic moroccan tiles, OKS designed a vivid ultramarine backdrop for showcasing a decade of creations. Completed in 2016. Photography by Katrin Greiner

Eden Cliff Resort

2016 - Ongoing project, further information to follow. Luxury resort Masterplan, Architecture & Interior

Mirror Penthouse

A radical concept for a residential penthouse in Berlin. The beating heart of this project was the conceptual ambition of creating an inserted, mirrored object, which developed into a new surface logic. A gliding, gentle continuity brings you from space to space, travelling by way of the chosen material. An encounter with Loosian sensuality and the mirror’s long history of associations with myth and magic. A notion of the unnatural and the sinful, of the mirror as feeding and distorting identities. Completed in 2015. Photography by Gerrit Engel

Below: OKS commissioned a mural by japanese light artist Takehito Koganezawa.

Hardturmpark, Zurich

Penthouse, Zürich 2015 

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